Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy is designed to help you explore and speak about your thoughts and feelings in a safe, private, non-judgmental space. Perhaps you want to gain clarity on an issue, process a difficult experience, discover your inner resources for self-development or change unhelpful thinking patterns/habits. Counselling and psychotherapy can be particularly useful if you are experiencing/have experienced expected and unexpected life changes, such as divorce, bereavement and disability/illness. Psychotherapy and counselling overlap in many ways. Counselling is more likely to help you with a current difficulty or a specific challenge that you are facing. Whereas psychotherapy may help you process deep-rooted, conscious, or unconscious processes and thoughts which are presenting as a challenge in your life. Counselling is usually short term whereas psychotherapy tends to be longer term.

How will counselling and psychotherapy help me?

At Revive Therapy we provide counselling and psychotherapy service that is designed to:

  • Give you a safe place to talk to a qualified therapist without judgement
  • Help you make sense of difficult feelings/emotions and understand yourself better
  • Help you resolve complicated issues, or find ways to manage them
  • Help you recognise unhelpful patterns and/or behaviours. and find ways to change them
  • Help you to cope in difficult and stressful periods in your life
  • Make sense of conscious and unconscious triggers

What are the different types of counselling and psychotherapy?

There are several different modalities and therapeutic approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. Here at Revive, we adopt the most appropriate approach suited to your individual need or adopt an ‘integrative’ approach where necessary which involves drawing from different modalities. Some of the approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Solution focused Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy and Creative Arts Therapies.

How do I get started?

You will have an initial consultation with a therapist, who will seek to get to know you and the reasons why you require psychotherapy. This consultation will help the therapist obtain a bit more about you, your presenting difficulty and gain an understanding of your needs. This will be reviewed within 24 hours and we’ll be in a good position to recommend a therapeutic approach.

How long does each counselling session last?

Typically, each session lasts for 50 minutes. This is flexible and can be discussed with your therapist before attending your first session.

Are sessions confidential?

Revive Therapy handles all data in accordance with GDPR guidelines to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Our therapists are bound by their professional organisation’s rules to protect the safety and confidentiality of clients. Please see our privacy policy which details further information about how your data is handled.

Are there any fees?

The fee per session is based on the service you access. We have a wide range of professionals with differing qualifications expertise. We offer some concessionary rates for students and those on a low income. Please get in contact with us for further information.

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